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Tax Depreciation and Capital Allowance Consultancy Services

“Under income tax law, tax payers are allowed to claim certain deductions for expenditure incurred in gaining or producing assessable income. Generally, the value of a capital asset that provides a benefit over a number of years declines over its effective life. Because of this, the cost of capital assets used in gaining assessable income can be written off over a period of time as tax deductions” (ATO Guide to Depreciating Assets).

QCOST Consultants are Chartered Quantity Surveyors, also registered with Australian Tax Practitioners Board. QCOST Consultants possess the necessary expertise to provide capital allowances and tax depreciation schedules to enable the investment asset holder to claim maximum legally allowable tax deductions. We believe that onsite inspection by an expert tax depreciation consultant is an essential part of an accurate tax depreciation assessment.

All our quotes for preparation of capital allowance and tax depreciation schedules include a site visit by one of our qualified Quantity Surveyors to accurately identify and assess assets eligible for depreciation and capital allowances.

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